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6 Ways to Enhance Guest Experience at Hotels

Guest Experience

The experience that hotels create for their guests can have a major impact on whether or not the guests return to that hotel, or whether they seek a different hotel for their next trip. Luckily, there are many ways for hotels to improve their guest experience in order to help their guests enjoy their stays more. Here is a list of such ways.

1. Create a hotel app that guests can use during their stay

Nowadays, many people use their smartphones for everything from banking, to email and to gaming. If your hotel has an app that your guests can download when they arrive at your location, then this can help to improve their stay. This is because a good hotel app can help guests do everything from check in and out to get sightseeing recommendations for the local area. Hotel apps can also provide hotel information such as how late the pool is open, or a menu for room service. Appealing to the mobile preferences of the modern hotel customer is a good way to help improve guest experience at hotels.

2. Offer Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly important for hotels to offer. This is because many people use hotels for business travel, and they want to be able to log in and check their emails or perform other business functions when they are staying at the hotel. This means that if they cannot access the internet, it can potentially force the guests to go and try to find internet at places like Starbucks. This can be very annoying to your customers. It is a much better idea to simply try offer Wi-Fi in your hotel. Your guests will definitely appreciate it and be grateful that your hotel provides it.

3. Encourage staff to remember people’s names

Many customers will be extremely impressed and will feel well attended to if the staff at your hotel remembers their names. The staff should definitely at least try to remember the names of the regular hotel customers. If the staff can remember the names of at least some of the people who check in, then this can be very beneficial. For example, if the concierge notices that a man’s name is Mr. Green, when he checks in, and then if Mr. Green comes back to the front desk to ask a question, the man will likely be very impressed if the concierge remembered that his name is Mr. Green. This level of personalization can help guests to feel more at home when they are at your hotel.

4. Give special attention to large groups who are staying at your hotel

You can do this by creating a sign that says welcome to the group either on a digital display or with an actual sign. You can display this sign during check-in time. For example, if your hotel will be hosting 40 people from a company called XYQ Solar, then you can have a sign saying “Welcome XYQ Solar” in your front lobby during the period when these people are expected to check in. This can help them to feel appreciated and welcomed. Little things like this can make the difference between the company choosing your hotel for their next trip or not.

5. Include reasonable gifts/amenities

This can include having mints or candy in the room waiting for the guests when they arrive, or even offering a garment bag that can be used to carry suits. The benefit of offering a garment bag is that you can put your company’s logo on it. So, if the customer decides to use and keep the garment bag, then you will essentially get some very inexpensive advertising any time that the customer uses that garment bag in the future. So, providing a garment bag not only can improve customer experience, but it can also be beneficial for promoting your business as well.

6. Have staff become experts on the local area

Oftentimes, when people stay at hotels, they want to explore the local area during their downtime. This means that there is a good chance that many guests will ask staff for site seeing recommendations. The better that your staff knows the area, and the better the recommendations are that they can make, the more positive your guests’ experience is likely to be.


The better that you can make your guest experience at your hotel, the more successful your hotel is likely to be. Better guest experience leads to happier guests, and happier guests leads to repeat business and referrals. So, it is well worth it to go the extra mile to make your guests have a great experience. Doing all of the things listed in this article can have a strong positive impact on improving your guests’ experience. So, even if you can just do a few of them, it can potentially help to boost your revenues.

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