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6 Ways to Be More Strategic in 2017 – Webinar

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Most companies welcome the thought of being more streamlined, efficient, and productive. However, not all companies know how to implement new and effective strategies to make their businesses achieve these goals.

Also, many companies don’t realize that there are tremendous possibilities within the HR section of their operation to become much more swift.

This is why Ximble Software Vice President of Sales, Chip Hanlon, has created a webinar with Todd Grierson, HR Evangelist at Bamboo HR. Together, these two have packed a large amount of fantastic information into a webinar titled, 6 Ways to Be More Strategic in 2017.

Webinar Information

In this webinar, Hanlon and Grierson discuss how certain software programs can help companies to make their HR departments function much, much more efficiently. These programs can be used for making scheduling, employee clocking, data storage and management, and many other HR processes much more streamlined.

This webinar is ideal for HR professionals, managers, or anyone who wants to know how to make his or her business save money and time, and to operate better overall. Essentially, this webinar can help people learn how to upgrade their HR departments for business in the modern era.

Rave reviews have already been pouring in for this webinar. This is largely because it provides directly usable information that your company can benefit from immediately.

How You Can Watch This Webinar

This webinar is available on HR.com. You must be a member to watch it. However, if you are not already a member of HR.com, then you can sign up to become one, and you will be able to access the webinar.

HR.com members will not only be able to download the live presentation of the webinar in a file that is compatible with iPods and MP3 players, but they will also have the opportunity to download the slides from the webinar as well.

6 Ways to Be More Strategic in 2017 provides tremendously beneficial information, so don’t miss out on it!

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