7 Reasons Why Customer Feedback is Important

Customer feedback, both positive and negative, is extremely important. It helps one make better decisions, improve specific business or product aspects and boost confidence. What is certain is that successful brands nowadays do not base their success on wild guesses or pure luck. Gathering feedback from clients is an important step in order to improve many aspects of doing business. Here are some of the benefits your company can get from gathering effective feedback from your clients.

Improve your service or product

Customer feedback can help improve a product or service. Continuous gathering of your customers’ opinions and satisfaction rates of specific features or areas of your product or service can help you understand your clients’ needs better and identify hiccups or issues ahead of time. By addressing obstacles from the negative feedback collected, your business will be proactive at decreasing the churn rate and improving your product or service.

Find your business advocates

By collecting feedback from your customers consistently, you can easily identify who are your business advocates among your clients. Word of mouth is an important aspect of growing your business and it might be a good idea to identify who your biggest advocates are so you could pay some special attention to such clients and make them feel even more appreciated. There’s a big chance they’re already spreading a good word about your business, so an extra push in the right direction might get your company more clients based on great recommendations.

Make better decisions

When considering enhancements and new options related to the product or service improvements or upgrades, it is a far better idea to base such things on frequent customer feedback rather than guesses and assumptions. Company owners or managers are frequently tempted to make decisions based on their assumptions of what clients want. While occasionally they may get lucky, it is a much better idea to make important decisions based on the data gathered from clients.

Improve customer retention

As mentioned earlier, gathering feedback can help you make smart decisions about your product or service and decrease your churn rate as well as to increase the client acquisition rate. Generally, clients feel appreciated when provided with a way to express their opinion. On the other hand, gathering feedback and not utilizing the data or results found would be just a waste of time. Clients need to be know that there is someone not just asking for their feedback, but actually reading it afterwards and making sure that their opinion is valued.

Increase new client acquisition

Great testimonials from your existing clients can significantly help the process of acquiring new clients, when used properly. Make sure, though, that you have a permission from your clients to post their positive feedback about your business through the website, social media or other public channels. Seeing an actual experience of others can significantly improve your sales rates and boost your company success.

Boost staff morale

Realizing that some clients truly appreciate the type of service or product sold can tremendously boost the morale of your staff members. There’s no better feeling than getting some pat on the back from the client after a hard working day. Getting such positive feedback from clients and sharing it with your team can increase their confidence and boost their overall performance.

Find up-selling opportunities

Through the process of gathering continuous feedback you can easily identify the clients who are happy with your service or product. After that process, it is very easy to approach those clients with another valuable offer your company might have and boost your income through upselling the right add-on products or services to the right group of customers.

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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