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How to Beat Different Biases in the Workplace

Biases in the Workplace

Biases in the workplace can be a major issue. This is because biases in the workplace can result in people being judged unfairly and in a harsh and undeserved manner. There are many biases out there that people may have. For example, common biases may include women being overly emotional, Asian people always being good at math, etc. The problem with biases such as these is that it judges an entire group of people by a trait instead of considering the individual. This is not good. Here are some strategies for beating biases in the workplace.

1. Become aware of your biases

You may not even be aware of some of the biases that you may have. So, the first thing you need to do in order to root out workplace bias is to figure out which biases that you may have. You should take some time to reflect on this and think about whether or not you have been judging an entire group of people based on a single trait. You can also have a meeting with your employees where you ask them to do the same thing. At this meeting, you can also ask you employees if any of them feel they are being treated with bias.

2. Make conscious steps toward changing

If you discover that you have been using bias, or if any of your employees feel that they are being treated with bias, then the next thing that you should do is try to change any biases. In order to do this, you and any of your employees acting with bias simply need to change your behavior.

3. Always focus on the individual

It is truly not fair to judge the individual by traits that are sometimes associated with a group that he or she belongs to. So, whether it is in your hiring, in your promotion giving, in your disciplining, etc. you need to emphasize a policy at your company of judging people only in an individual manner.


Implementing all of these strategies at your company can help your organization to eliminate workplace bias. This can help your employees feel better about working at your company, and it can increase the levels of cohesion and harmony in your work environment.

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