Best Ways to Plan a Schedule for Your Workforce

Effective workforce scheduling can be difficult to achieve consistently. However, it is extremely important. This is because if you do not have consistent, and solid workforce scheduling, then it can really inconvenience your employees and create turmoil for your business. In fact, one source reports that roughly 35 percent of millennials have quit a job due to poor scheduling. Replacing employees is time consuming and expensive. Here are some of the best ways to plan a workforce schedule. Hopefully, these techniques can help you prevent having to replace an excessive amount of employees.

1. Use scheduling software

Work schedule maker, such as the Ximble app, can allow managers to generate schedules directly through their mobile devices, on the go. They can also make changes to these schedules, approve shift, shift swap, or time off requests, and even track employee work hours, all through the app. Workforce scheduling software is highly convenient, and it can make things easier for everyone at the company.

2. Choose shifts wisely

You want to make sure that your best employees are on the schedule for the periods of highest demand. This is to make sure that your business can keep up. However, you also want to make sure that there are no periods where only your least experienced people are at work. So, keep these two things in mind when you are selecting the shifts.

3. Have some flexibility

It may inconvenience you if a number of your employees ask for time off. However, you want to keep your employees happy so that they keep working for your company. This means giving them some time off every once in a while. It doesn’t mean you have to grant their requests every single time. However, you should at least do it some of the time.

4. Plan the schedule two weeks in advance

Planning the workforce schedule two weeks in advance as opposed to one week in advance can help your employees to feel more comfortable about the schedule. This is because they will be able to plan their lives better if they know more about when they will be working for the next half month as opposed to just one week. This is another good thing to do to keep your employees happy and motivated.


Knowing how to plan the workforce schedule in an optimized way can help you make your company run more swiftly. All of the tips in this article can help you achieve this goal. So, the next time you are planning your workforce schedule, consider these tips!

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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