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Communication Problems in the Workplace and Solutions

Communication Problems in Workplace

Communication problems in the workplace can be a major problem for many different companies. This is because if a team cannot communicate effectively a lot of resentment can build up, problems can go unresolved, and morale can be significantly reduced.

It is far more favorable for a company to be able to communicate effectively. Effective communication is a key element of a successful business. In fact, 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.Here are some of the top communication problems in the workplace, and solutions for them.

1. A lack of direction from management

If employees do not know what their managers want them to do, then this can be a major problem. This is especially true if a manager is very vague, and then very critical if employees do not please the manager with their work. This communication problem forces employees to have to try to guess what manager wants, and this can be very frustrating.

How to solve

With this particular problem, it is up to the manager to make sure that he or she communicates very clearly to his or her team what he or she expects them to do. This communication should also be done well in advance so that employees have time to process it and can plan to get the job done right.

2. Too many emails

It may sound silly, but this can actually be a very serious problem at companies. This is because if a person is getting too many emails, then he or she can become overwhelmed and frustrated. It can also take a lot of time to sift through them all. Further, key emails can be lost or overlooked amidst the massive piles of emails that the person may receive. This is not good for business.

How to solve

Employees should only get emails that are directly relevant to them. They should not be cc’d on emails that are for different departments and have nothing to do with them. This can dramatically reduce the amount of emails that a person gets in his or her inbox. Also, team communication software programs such as Slack and Basecamp can be used to help optimize communication and reduce email counts. These programs can be very helpful.

3. Unresolved conflicts

Unresolved conflicts are another major communication problem that many companies have. The reason is because unresolved conflicts can lead to resentment between employees or employees and managers. If they go unresolved for too long, they can even lead to an employee quitting his or her job.

How to solve

The best way to resolve serious conflicts between people at a company is to allow HR to help. HR professionals have specific training that helps them to deal with these situations. So, if you are a manager and you notice that two of your employees are having a major conflict, then you should schedule a conflict resolution meeting for the two of them with an HR professional at your company. If you do not have an HR professional, then you can hire a freelance one. You can also mediate yourself, if you believe you are up to the challenge.

4. Overly aggressive communication

It is natural that from time to time, managers will have to have uncomfortable conversations with some of their employees. This is because typically speaking, things usually do not always go perfectly at a company. However, if a manager is overly aggressive when he or she communicates and is derogatory, insulting, or unnecessarily critical, then this can be a major issue. The reason is because if people feel that their manager is too mean, then it can lower moral and even cause employees to leave the company. Many people simply do not want to work for someone whom they perceive to be a jerk.

How to solve

As a general rule of thumb, managers should always try to speak respectfully to their employees. They need to remember that their employees are professionals, and should be treated as such. It is also just basic human decency to not shout at, berate, or put down other human beings. So, managers should make efforts to always be respectful to their employees. Further, if a manager is struggling with this, then he or she should attend a leadership seminar where he or she can learn communication strategies that are an alternative to yelling or being emotionally harmful.


Effective communication is something that most companies can benefit from. However, despite the benefits of effective communication, many companies wait a long time before attempting to resolve their communication issues. This is not something that your company should do. Instead, you should try to implement at least some of the strategies listed in this article soon to help you resolve your communication issues. This can help your company to benefit sooner rather than later by improved communication.

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