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With the increase of social media marketing, email marketing suffered quite a blow in the last couple of years. However, we still believe that email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience and present your product or newsletter. The challenging part is how to get as many people open and read your email as possible. There is no purpose in sending out long, boring emails and ending up in everyone’s JUNK box, is there?

The right way to do it

Keep ‘em short and straight to the point. Although there is no official limit regarding the length of the text you can send via email, do keep in mind that people do not necessarily want to read a novel instead of an email. More and more people have started reading their emails from their smart phones and tablets, which makes it even harder for them to read long emails. If you really need to provide them with a longish text, you can always send them a link instead and direct them to a relevant tutorial, manual or an e-book.

Address your reader by his name. If available to you, include as much personal information you have about your reader as you can. By making an email sound as personal as it can be, you increase the chance of having it being read by the receiving party and you increase the chance of making that important connection with the reader. Assuming that you probably have the name of the person you are emailing, then always choose to start an email with “Hello John!” instead of “Dear reader” because such small tricks can make the reader feel more comfortable with your message and he may have a feeling that you are addressing him personally and not just some general audience.

Keep the marketing and sales tone to a minimum. People consider their Inbox folder as their personal space and may not react in a positive way when they receive a message with a hard marketing or sales tone. If you sell a product, then sell it through your website, Amazon or any other online or offline store, do not do that through email.

Add value to your email messages. Whenever possible, try to add some value to your email messages. Get to know your audience as much as you can and provide them with what they actually need. Depending on the type of your email marketing list, include some useful tips or discounts. Sometimes it is better to send one good email message that many people will read than five emails in a row which almost no one will open or read.

Write effective subject lines. In order to get the reader actually open your email message, your subject line must be appealing and interesting. Try to invoke the reader’s curiosity and spend some time thinking about the most effective subject line before sending out your message. If possible, let your subject line be a short introduction to the content itself, but make it sound interesting! No one wants to read boring emails.

Avoid images and too many links. Recent statistics show that emails with embedded images are frequently avoided. As already mentioned, people consider their email accounts as their private space, and they do not necessarily want to see a link to a website page within their email message. Moreover, with strict spam filters being applied by most popular email marketing systems, emails containing a large number of links are being automatically discarded, even though they might be quite legitimate messages that people actually do want to read. So try to keep the number of links to a minimum (1-2 per email). Note that the unsubscribe link also counts.

Send emails at appropriate times. The maximum effect will be achieved if you send an email to people in the morning hours or near the end of their work time. Unless there is something really urgent, you should not send an email in the middle of the night. In case you manage a list of international users across different time zones, then try to split that list into parts and send a message to a group of your users at the most appropriate time for their respective time zone.

While there could be many more items to add to the list of these tips, we strongly believe that the ones listed here are the ones that should be enforced whenever possible in order to gain more email marketing leads. Depending on the size of your list, another great option that would be appreciated by your readers would be the possibility for them to reply. But if you manage a list of 10,000 people or more that may be hard to maintain.

Happy marketing!

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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