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Employee Scheduling Software for Vet Clinics

Employee Scheduling Software

Vet clinics and animal hospitals can be extremely busy places of work. Many people have pets, and pets often get sick. If vet clinics and animal hospitals do not have effective scheduling, then they can quickly lose control, and become very disorganized. This is not good for business, and it is not helpful for the pets, or pet owners.

To prevent periods of scheduling crises, it is very wise for vet clinics to use an employee scheduling app, such as the NimbleSchedule app.

Schedule Making

Employee scheduling apps, such as the NimbleSchedule app can allow managers to generate schedules and make edits to them all from the convenience of a mobile device. This is incredibly useful for veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, where there needs to be highly trained staff on location during all work hours.

These scheduling software programs for employees can also let managers approve or deny shift, shift swap, and time off requests from their phones. Additionally, employees can see real time updates to the schedule. So everyone who works at the clinic or hospital can have instant access to the schedule on their phones. This can keep things much more organized.

Tracking Employee Work Hours

Scheduling apps for employees can also eliminate the need for timecards, or other outdated means of tracking employee work hours. With a scheduling app, such as the NimbleSchedule app, employee work hours can be tracked directly from the app.

This means that vet clinics and animal hospitals do not have to pay someone to sift through countless time cards, trying to keep track of all of the hours that employees have worked. This can save a lot of time and money.


Employee scheduling software makes the process of scheduling much simpler and more convenient for everyone. Managers benefit by being able to generate schedules faster, and being able to edit them more easily, employees benefit by being able to participate in the scheduling process, and view the schedule more easily, pet owners benefit by having a more organized clinic or hospital, and pets benefit by being able to be seen faster. It is literally a win-win-win-win.

Work schedule apps can also be useful for a wide variety of companies, in addition to vet clinics and animal hospitals. The NimbleSchedule app is one of the best scheduling apps on the market. It is a great option for you if your company is looking to improve its scheduling process.

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