Flexible Student Shift Scheduling; Possible and Profitable

Student Work Shift Scheduling and Flex-Time

Flexible student shift scheduling has always been important, to the students who make up the workforce or the university staff, and to the full time shift schedulers or managers who need to get a job done. Few of us want a work schedule as complicated as an undergraduate class schedule. But today, it’s not only possible but even easy to maintain a staff of part-time student workers with a work schedule that’s just as complex as their class schedule.

Ximble Revolutionizes Flex-Time

Flex-Time implies an advanced, demanding probably professional workforce, maybe with kids in daycare or at school and who just need a lot more time off. That used to be the case.

Ximble is pleased to be present the software that makes Flex-Time just as easy to manage for student workers – with ultra complex scheduling needs – as it for shift managers. Whether you’re working in a university environment – or in the university itself – you’ll likely benefit from the many positive advances Ximble allows you.

The Secret is in always up-to-date availability and voluntary shift scheduling.

Truly flexible student shift scheduling demands a voluntary approach that assures student workers really can work when they’re available, no matter how demanding the rest of their daytime (or night time) schedule might be. It also means you get happier workers, as many as you need, for the shifts that require them.

A flexible student shift scheduling plan allows your workers to establish and change their availability as often as you and they can agree. Some employers will allow updating preferences as often as every week, while others do it on a semester or seasonal basis.

Flexible Student Shift Scheduling for Universities

All you need to do is check an employee’s preferences, as above, and either request them for a shift or allow them to fill in their own schedule as they wish. Notifications by SMS or email are as easy as making changes. Both employee and manager can set their notification preferences individually, but the automation makes it easy.

Flexible Student Shift Scheduling is as easy to Achieve as Using the Software

Efficient employee scheduling apps like Ximble allow you to make the most of employee flexibility and electronic literacy. They can even coordinate their schedule with Facebook Events or Google Calendar. You can easily manage as many part-time employees as you require and allow them to swap, add or drop shifts as often as necessary.

Your entire staff can also continually check the schedule online, or from a smartphone or tablet. There’s no excuse for not being on the same page no matter how complex the schedule.

You can also establish as many rules and regulations regarding minimum or maximum hours, days or weekly standards as you or your business or university department require.

As work schedules are finalized and approved, notifications can again be sent to everyone who needs to know, via SMS or email. Ximble is a must-have shift scheduling software that let’s you provide the flexible, balanced work environment your employees will absolutely love. And you’ll love the convenience and ease with which it rolls out and starts working, right from the beginning and week after flexible work week.

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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