Four Holiday Gifts for Employees

Finding the right gifts for your employees can be tricky. After all, all employees are different and preferences can vary significantly from one employee to the next. However, there are a number of great employee gift ideas that are sure to make many of your employees happy.
Here are some of the top employee gift ideas for your company this holiday season.

1. Gift cards to a great local restaurant

No matter where your business is located, there is likely to be at least one great great restaurant nearby. In many cases, your employees will probably know the restaurant already, and may even eat there from time to time.

So, providing a $50 or $100 gift card to this restaurant can be a great way to give your employees a delicious meal. This is something that most of your employees are likely to enjoy.

2. Paid Time Off

This is a great way to show your employees you appreciate them, if it is within your budget. Giving your employees paid time off around the holidays allows them to spend more time with their families. Even if you can only afford to give one extra day off, or even just a half a day, your employees will most likely love this gift.v

3. Books

Getting your employees very nice hardcover books that are specific to their personality is something they will likely appreciate. For example, if you know that one of your employees loves to knit, you can get her a book about knitting patterns. If another one of your employees loves history, you can get him a biography of Abraham Lincoln.

The reason why giving books can be especially meaningful is because it gives you an opportunity to personalize the gift for the individual person. Your employees will probably see this as a sign of good faith, and also a suggestion that you view them as more than just a generic worker. People like to feel valued, and this can help you accomplish that.

4. Delicacies

This can include gourmet chocolates, a bottle of fine wine or scotch, or even some high-end pastries. You can also customize these to the individual preferences of your employees.

People who are chocolate lovers are sure to love chocolate as a gift. People who are wine connoisseurs are sure to love wine as a gift. Whatever you choose, delicacies often make for tremendous gifts for employees.

Karin Jakovljevic

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Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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