Halloween Restaurant Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, so if you own or manage a restaurant, it is definitely time to make sure you start finalizing your plans for this holiday for your restaurant. Halloween is one of the most famous and quirky holidays that we have, and many people like to enjoy it by dressing up. This include adults too, not just children. In fact, roughly 70-85 percent of adults aged 18-44 in America celebrate Halloween. This creates good opportunities for restaurants to capitalize on this. Here are some great ways that your restaurant can be appealing to customers on Halloween.

1. Have a costume contest

Having a costume contest at your restaurant is a great way to attract customers to your location on Halloween night. A lot of people put in a significant amount of effort to create a good Halloween costume and they like to get validation for them. So, a contest is a perfect way to achieve this. You can set up a panel of judges, and have each person who wants to enter the contest go up on stage one at a time. The winners of the contest can receive a gift card to your restaurant.

2. Decorate your restaurant in a Halloween theme

This can include having orange and black streamers, fake cobwebs, witches’ cauldrons, etc. The more Halloween-esque that your restaurant is, the more likely your customers will be to enjoy it and feel that it is appropriate for the holiday. Good decorations alone can help to bring in customers on Halloween night, when people are really trying to get into the Halloween vibe.

3. Include pumpkins on your menu

You can offer pumpkin spice coffees, risotto in small carved out pumpkins, or pumpkin spiced beer, etc. Pumpkins are practically synonymous with Halloween, and your patrons will expect there to be a pumpkin theme going on in your store on Halloween night. So don’t disappoint them!

4. Allow your employees to dress up

Normally, you probably won’t want your employees deviating too far from their uniform. However, on Halloween, it is okay to loosen your dress code for your employees a bit, and to let them have fun. If your employees get into the holiday spirit, then your customers probably will too. Just make sure you let your employees know ahead of time that they are allowed to wear costumes on Halloween. They need to be able to have enough time to go and find a costume.

5. Have great jack-o-lanterns

You can hire a professional pumpkin carver to carve pumpkins specifically for your restaurant. You can have the person include your restaurant’s logo, or its name. These can make for extremely cool jack-o-lanterns which you can take pictures of and put on your restaurant’s social media pages. This can really be a great way to advertise your upcoming Halloween party at your restaurant. You can use fake candles inside of the pumpkins if you do not want to use real ones.

6. Have Halloween-inspired drinks

For example, you can have a caramel apple cocktail, a witch’s hat cocktail, apple cider champagne cocktails, etc. For a larger list of Halloween-inspired drinks, you can check out this site. You can go for a spookier theme, or for an autumn theme. Both will work for your Halloween party, and will probably delight your guests.

7. Play Halloween music in your restaurant

There are many songs that are appropriate for Halloween. Everything from Michael Jackson’s Thriller to Monster Mash. You can even download entire cd’s on iTunes that are Halloween-themed. This may be the easiest way to get your Halloween soundtrack in check. The right Halloween music can inspire a lot of dancing, which can be quite entertaining to behold while everyone is in costumes.

8. Don’t limit your Halloween theme to one day

You can take advantage of the Halloween holiday for at least a weekend if not a full week. So don’t cut it short! You can leave your Halloween decorations up for a full week leading up to Halloween. During this time, you can start offering some of your Halloween-themed menu items, and start advertising your upcoming Halloween party. This can help you to get the most out of the Halloween season.


Halloween is an excellent opportunity to allow your restaurant to connect with the community and to put on an entertaining party for your customers. People like to have fun and let loose on this holiday, so if you can help them do that by creating a great Halloween environment, then it can help you to drum up business and to entertain your guests.

Following all of the advice in this blog can really help you to boost your Halloween efforts. If you can even do a few of these things, then you can get your Halloween party hopping. Your employees, your guests, and probably even you, yourself, will really enjoy this night if you can incorporate some of this advice.

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