How To: Time Management Revolution

Time Management Revolution Is Done. Were you paying attention?



It’s everything to some of us, and practically nothing to a lot of the people we’re looking after.

The pity is, just by including some more of them in the conversation, productivity would easily become a priority for a lot more.

With all of the talk about new data – and especially “Big Data” – the real word on “innovation” is getting lost in the challenges of implementing and effectively gathering data. This is true in all kinds of areas, but especially true when it comes to time management and employee scheduling.

How To: Time Management!

We’re calling it the “How to: Time Management Revolution” here,  but you could call it “Can-Do Time Management” too. It’s really just a matter of setting things up, so that the data is coming in.  We’re not saying you absolutely need to track every aspect of every worker.

There’s been a brief trend to really spy on employees and what was learned is enough that most businesses don’t need to wade into the morass of “really spying” on employees. Sensor tracking that captured movements and interactions, and sometimes more, is invasive, cost prohibitive and doesn’t really have a benefit that is specific to every shape and size of business. But generalizing from what such studies have shown can have it’s pluses too, especially if you are already recording and tracking clock-ins and clock-outs and break times.

Schedule Group Breaks!

Group Breaks were shown, through all of those truly invasive studies, to be more beneficial to your productivity numbers. Groups of employees simply interact more, begin to work closer and increase productivity. Information sharing pays off.

As Ximble can be programmed to signal or alert users to breaks, encouraging that kind of group face time is not only possible, it has real advantages that can start now. You should be able to control who is taking breaks when – and who they’re taking breaks with.

As we said above, including more of your team in on the overall productivity strategy will give you better results, even if you can’t get all your players to play together all of the time. Some of the time and some of the players is better than individual break times and internecine rivalries.

More face-time with colleagues is a trackable outcome that yields real productivity results – even in the short term. Structural changes to promote this kind of activity, including scheduled group breaks, meetings or mini-meetings, or brainstorms can and should be scheduled, automated and the outcomes analyzed.

“Big Data” is Not “Big Brother”

In a similar way, indoor GPS and location sensors can show you how physical facilities are being used, occupied, exploited or neglected. You can cut energy costs in some areas, and better occupy resources that are not fully being put to use. If employees are really isolating themselves, there may be good reasons or there may be simply changes to floor plans or departments that need to be looked at.

In every case, we encourage pushing as much strategic information as low down the in the chain of command as possible. Of course, you’ll make the ultimate decision. But you’ll also be surprised at how many more collaborators you have when you invite them to collaborate. Rather than secretly spying, share the strategy and ask them to be a part of the learning process. That’s the true How to in Time Management today!

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