How can Ximble help the cannabis industry become more productive?

Maximize the productivity and efficiency of your staff

The cannabis industry is growing incredibly quickly as more states legalize the product. In fact, the industry is moving so fast that states are struggling to keep up with new regulations. Cultivation centers and dispensaries should look to do everything they can to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their staff, especially because they deal with such a valuable commodity.


One of the best ways to increase productivity is to use an employee scheduling app, such as Ximble. It can help any business get their employee scheduling under control with an automated workforce management app, but this is particularly true of the cannabis industry. Because there are many regulations, and these vary state by state, being able to track and manage your employees easily from both a computer and mobile device can be a massive help. Here are the ways Ximble’s workforce management app can benefit those working in the cannabis industry:


The cannabis industry is still very young, and businesses are still finding their way when it comes to employee scheduling. It’s true for any industry, but managing employees using outdated systems can have a massive impact on productivity and morale. Many companies are still using spreadsheets or even just scrap paper to plan their rotas, and this can lead to mistakes and unnecessary scheduling conflicts. Dispensaries experience periods of high demand, as do cultivation centers, and not having enough staff in (or having too many) means your business isn’t being run as efficiently as it could be.

Also, it’s not uncommon for staff to want to adjust their shifts to better fit their personal circumstances. When producing manual schedules, it can be easy to forget these requirements, Being inconsiderate of staff needs can impact morale, and will lead to employees losing trust in their manager’s ability. When working in such a fast-growing market as the cannabis industry, it’s vital to do everything possible to keep your staff happy at work. After all, there are plenty of jobs around, and so it won’t be difficult for them to take their talents elsewhere.

Ximble helps with all of your scheduling needs because it uses AI to plan your employee schedules, and it doesn’t make mistakes. It uses statistics such as last year’s figures, and factors in public holidays and events to plan for your busy periods in advance. This means you will always have the right number of staff in your establishment at the right time. It also takes on board information such as employee requirements to make sure their needs are met. As the employer, you have access to the schedules on your mobile device, so you can view them at any time. Also, the app’s sophisticated AI program produces rotas in no time at all, giving you more time to concentrate on growing your business.


Workforce management

An inefficiently managed workforce isn’t just bad for business, it’s bad for staff too. In the cannabis industry, time really is money, as your profits are dependent on the correct management of both stock and employees. If you’re unable to meet deadlines with shipments it becomes very difficult to market yourself as a serious company with real credibility.

When using paper or spreadsheets to keep track of your employee schedules, it can become difficult to manage employee absence and shift swap requests. Employees calling in sick or taking time off for personal reasons can lead to a last-minute scramble to find the right staff. Similarly, employees requesting shift swaps results in rotas needing to be adjusted and sent out to all members of staff, leading to potential mix-ups and confusion. In such a specialist industry as the cannabis industry, each employee has a niche set of skills for their particular role, and so it can be incredibly difficult to find the right cover for a shift at short notice.

With Ximble, managing your workforce has never been easier. The app keeps track of when employees clock in and out, and provides hourly updates on staff location and activity. This helps keep track of people such as delivery drivers, and makes sure they’re always working at maximum efficiency. It’s also beneficial for managers when it comes to sending out corrected schedules. Rather than sending out new bits of paper or emails and risking employees not seeing the changes, having rotas in the Ximble app means they can be easily sent out to every staff member. This ensures that everyone has seen their shifts, and makes it much easier to find cover for employees.

Hiring and training

There are many different highly specialist roles in the cannabis industry. From budtender to trimmer, and dispensary worker to lab assistants, each role requires its own particular set of skills. Keeping track of all your hiring needs is not only important for you as the employer to maximize productivity, but it’s also important for your employees. They need to know exactly when they’re meant to be in work, and where, and running an efficient scheduling system is key to making this happen.
Ximble’s workforce management app allows you to keep track of multiple schedules at once and make sure your staff are where they need to be. Having this level of control over your employees means you can streamline your expenses, and ensure you’re always working with the correct number of staff. When it comes to training and hiring, Ximble’s AI keeps track of where people need to be, and allows you to monitor their log in and log out times. This ensures everyone is receiving the right training at the right time.


Employee morale

There are few things more important to a successful business than employee morale. This is even more applicable in the cannabis industry. The massive surge in popularity and growth of the market means there are plenty of job opportunities, and so it’s important for employers to do everything in their power to keep staff. After all, you don’t want an employee who you’ve spent time and money training to leave your business because of inefficient management.

The cannabis industry is reliant on many different areas of expertise, and each of these must be nurtured equally. Employee morale is affected by many different things, but one of the biggest factors is incorrect time management. There are few things worse for an employee than having their shifts constantly changed due to bad planning, or being sent home early from work due to there being too many staff in. Sending staff home can be particularly damaging, as receiving less pay than expected can have a massive impact on someone’s willing to return to work. If this happens too often, you might find your staff leaving in droves.

The employee schedules created on Ximble’s app will stop this from happening. By learning from your data, it knows exactly when to put staff in, and so will avoid accidental overstaffing. Having shifts managed properly leads to happier staff, as they know exactly when they’re meant to be in, and will know how much money to expect. It also helps them to plan their lives outside of work, and limits the need for you to call people in at the last minute. When you work in such a competitive market as the cannabis industry, you need to do everything possible to keep your staff on board.

Outside employees

The cannabis industry isn’t just reliant on its growers and dispensary workers; it also depends on people outside of these areas. Due to the nature of the product, dispensaries and cultivation centers can be very susceptible to theft. This means it’s necessary to hire security personnel to ensure not only your product remains safe, but your staff too.

Ximble presents you with the best way to manage external employees such as security workers. Using the employee scheduling program, you can add them in exactly where their needed to provide the best support. Automating your scheduling with Ximble will help to manage security staff more efficiently, leading to more manageable outgoings.

The cannabis industry is in need of efficient employee management software like Ximble. As the industry is highly regulated, it’s down to employers to do everything possible to run their businesses smoothly. Ximble works with you and your employees’ needs, and takes into account the massive variety of jobs in the supply chain. It’s automated procedures allow you to manage all employees at peak efficiency.

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Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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