The New Human Resources Definition

The new Human Resources Definition is being written right now. It’s not only one of the most central roles in any business, it’s also one that’s changing almost every day!! These 5 new definitions will help you to see your Human Resources Definition more clearly!

 5 Additions to the New Human Resources Definition that Will Make it Work For You


There’s no question now that human resources is changing and changing quickly.

In contrast to all kinds of other areas of business, the Human Resources Definition of today is more focused than ever before on business success and growth.

Human Resources today are focused more than ever on finding, cultivating and keeping the cutting edge skills that keep your business moving. These are some of the most important additions to the 2014 Human Resources Definition.


1) Human Resources as Values Brokers

First and foremost, this is the real key to Human Resources success. Values distinguish your organization from every other shop on the market, so your HR people should be focusing on defining and refining them – and keeping them in front of the eyes of all your key players. Without values, you’re probably running at half-speed or far worse.

2) Human Resources as the Ultimate Critic

We need people who dare to challenge at the top. Group think is observed too often. The plans are always ambitious and will result in more growth. Nobody wants to be the party pooper. Nobody wants to be perceived as a blocker. This is where HR can show its independency, and challenge where others choose to be followers.

3) Human Resources as Data Moguls

Forget clock-ins, Human Resources should have front row seats on the data that really matters. From Productivity to KPIs on departments and shifts and times to let people work, or not work – everything that matters is being clocked, analyzed and crunched over in the Human Resources area. What are your HR people focusing on this week?

4) Human Resources as Risk Management Whiz Kids

Risk only comes with innovation – and stodgy old HR has never been more innovative. They’re not only brokering values and crunching numbers, but now their actively taking a look at the chances for success of any given initiative. HR is able to predict the success of every new hire and to much better manage the risk of losing talent.

5) Human Resources as the Ultimate Marketing Department

Making advocates out of employees sounds simpler than it is. But HR has the skills and the tools to make employees into fans, to query perceptions and to push for the kinds of changes that workers want. All that sounds expensive, but it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as having a shop full of workers who hate you and hate your company. That’s a true recipe for disaster.

These are just five of the most important areas where HR should be driving business. NimbleSchedule works with dozens of companies breaking new ground on making employees into happy company advocates and super-productive workers. They not only pull their own weight but in some cases, they push Human Resources into a whole new arena of business prominence. That’s somewhere that Human Resources hasn’t been since the early years of the Industrial Revolution. You can be there too.

What role is changing your Human Resources Definition? Let us know in the comments section below.


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