Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs Scheduling Software

Hotel staff scheduling can be a difficult issue for hotel managers. The reason is because hotels often employ dozens, if not hundreds, of people. With so many employees coming and going at different shifts, keeping everything organized can be a real challenge. In fact, hotel employee scheduling can be one of the most difficult tasks that hotel managers face. Luckily, there is hospitality scheduling software, such as the Ximble app, that can make hotel staff scheduling much, much easier. Here is why your hotel needs a work schedule maker.

Paperless scheduling

With scheduling software, the managers at your hotel will not have to use paper to create schedules. Everything can be done from the convenience of a mobile device. This makes it much, much simpler for managers to create schedules. They can wave goodbye to copy machines and printers when they are making their schedules and say hello to the easiest scheduling they have ever done.

Not only is this better for the environment, it makes it easier to distribute the schedules to employees. Rather than having to stick up copies of a paper schedule, or hand them out, Ximble lets all hotel employees log on to the app to see their schedules. This makes it simpler to organize shift swaps too, something that will help keep employees around.

Employee time tracking

With a hotel employee time clock app such as the Ximble app, managers can track employee work hours directly through the app! This means no more time cards. What a relief! With a time clock app, employees can log their hours right through their mobile devices. This makes it extremely easy both for them and for managers who no longer have to try to sort through piles of time cards. The hours worked are all kept track of in an efficient and reliable manner.

Not only does this make everything easier for hotel managers, it makes the process easier for hotel employees too. One of the best ways to improve employee retention rates is to make small changes that make their work lives easier. With Ximble they can log the hours themselves, which is much more convenient at the end of their work day.

Easy updates

With the Ximble app, managers can quickly and easily update the schedule and send the updates to all of their employees. This is critically important in a hotel setting because employees may work many different hours, and hotels tend to have a lot of employees. So, the faster and the more reliably schedule updates can be made and communicated, the less likely the chances will be that a scheduling disaster occurs.

This is another small thing that can make a big difference to employee happiness. If an employee needs to get a shift swapped for any reason, they can do so with ease. Rather than with a paper schedule, which would require a hotel manager to contact different members of staff, Ximble lets managers made changes quickly and to distribute schedules to staff in no time. In an emergency, this can make all the difference to an employee.

Plan for busy periods

One of the hardest things about managing so many employees is being able to get the right amount of people in at the right time. If busy periods end up being quite it can become necessary to send some employees home. While some might like this occasionally, it can start becoming a problem if it’s too regular. The same can be said for having to call employees in at short notice. If either of these happen too often, there’s a potential for employees to leave.

Ximble helps restaurant managers to plan employee schedules more efficiently by using data to learn when are your hotel’s quietest and busiest periods. This will help to streamline the employee schedule planning process, and minimize the amount of employees that get sent home early. This will help to improve employee attention rates, and will give them more chance to plan their lives around work.

Easy employee management

Looking after and planning for so many employees can be incredibly hard, especially if hotel managers are still using paper schedules. Factoring in employee days off, preferred work days, employee vacations, and more can be time consuming, and mean managers are taken away from important duties.

However, Ximble makes the process easier for everyone. It allows hotel managers to input relevant employee data that keeps track of things like vacations and days off. It also keeps track of late employees and no-shows, which makes a manager’s job much easier when there are so many staff. The app provides seamless employee schedule planning and distribution, even to a large workforce.


Hotels need to be able to optimize their scheduling processes to prevent having too few or too many people staffed at all times. Optimal scheduling can also help to prevent excess overtime payments. A Schedule maker can help to solve these problems and to make life much easier for your managers. Perhaps it is the perfect time for you to look into scheduling software right now!

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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