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Are Restaurants Going Digital?

Restaurant Trends

Restaurants still serve their historic purpose, in that they are where people go to eat a meal. However, as technology continues to progress, more and more restaurants are integrating digital components that they think will help to increase profitability.

Digital is one of the fastest growing restaurant trends. Proof for this claim comes from the fact that online ordering accounts for restaurants are now worth roughly $12 billion in revenue. This is an amazing statistic, and online ordering accounts are just one way that restaurants are going digital. Here are some other digital restaurant industry trends that are growing.

1. Free Wi-Fi

It is becoming more and more common for restaurants to offer free Wi-Fi. This is because many customers view it as a positive thing. After all, many people want to be able to check their emails or update their Facebook statuses while they eat. Starbucks is one restaurant who has been pioneering offering this service.

2. Electronic ordering kiosks

Another one of the popular restaurant trends that is gaining steam is electronic ordering kiosks. These kiosks are placed on tables, and they allow customers both to order food, and to pay for it electronically. Restaurants like these kiosks because they can speed up both the ordering and payment process. Customers like them because they are convenient and they require less wait time.

3. Flat screen TVs

Flat screen TVs are another digital device that are becoming more frequent in restaurants. Oftentimes sports are displayed on these TVs. Over the years, many restaurants have picked up on the fact that watching sports goes well together with drinking beer and eating food. With flat screen TVs the combination is even better.

4. Electronic rewards systems

Electronic rewards systems are a setup in which customers can swipe a card when they eat at a restaurant. When they do this they get a certain amount of points or credits. Then, as a reward for their loyalty, they may get some sort of freebie, or gift from the restaurant. This could be a free drink, a free meal, or a certain amount of money to use at the restaurant.

Many people are fond of electronic rewards systems because it helps them to get free things simply by visiting restaurants they already like. That is why electronic rewards systems are one of the faster growing restaurant industry trends.

Capitalizing on trends in the restaurant industry can help restaurant owners to stay ahead of the competition. Right now, making restaurants increasingly digital seems to be a great trend to take advantage of. Maybe going more digital can help your restaurant!

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