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Scheduling Workforce in the Holiday Season

Workforce Scheduling

The holiday season can be an extremely busy time for many businesses. This is especially true for retailers because so many people are rushing to buy gifts for their friends and family members. However, even though the holiday season can be great for business, it is also important to schedule your workforce properly during this time. Otherwise, you could run into problems. Here are some great tips and tricks for workforce scheduling during the holiday season.

1. Make sure you schedule time off in advance

During the holidays, many of your employees are likely going to want to take time off. If you do not schedule this time off in advance, you could face difficulties. This is because too many employees may want time off at the same time. This could result in you either upsetting a bunch of employees, or granting all the requests and not having enough people on schedule. So, you should plan to grant time off-requests well in advance and let your employees know that if they do not request time off in advance, they will not get it.

2. Use a work schedule app

Employee scheduling app can allow you to generate schedules, change them, approve shift, shift swap, and time-off requests and even track employee work hours all from the convenience of your mobile phone. This can significantly reduce the headaches and stress of holiday scheduling. The Ximble app is a great option for mobile workforce scheduling.

3. Avoid excessive overtime

During the holiday season, you may be tempted to keep specific employees on the schedule for more than forty hours per week. However, this can result in you having to pay an excessive amount of overtime. This is not helpful for your business, and it can cause you to lose money and waste profits. Instead, you should try to create a balance in your schedule and make sure that you do not have multiple people who are working overtime for many hours. A few overtime hours is okay, but it should be limited.


The holidays can be both very busy, and very stressful for businesses. However, if you incorporate these workforce scheduling strategies during the holiday season, then it can help you to schedule with increased efficiency. So, try them out and see how they work for you!

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