7 Attributes of a Good Employee

Great companies need great people so you, as an employer, need to recognize them. Regardless of industry, sex or age, good employees actually do share some common traits. Here are seven attributes of remarkable employees:

1. Reliability

A good employee is always reliable and someone you can count on no matter if he needs to jump in and cover for someone else who’s sick for that day, or he needs to train a new co-worker that just started with the training process. A reliable employee comes to work on time, completes his tasks or projects on time and makes the whole team look good in front of a client, or upper management.

2. Confidence

You surely do not want to have a team of arrogant folks who mistake confidence for arrogance; however, you definitely need self-assured team members that know what they are doing. Employees who are confident can identify risks and cope with them. When dealing with clients or investors who, from any reason end up communicating with your team members, you’ll want them to be and sound confident. It’s the only way to handle company operations with success.


3. Autonomy

What makes a significant difference between good employees and the ones less good is their autonomy to perform their daily duties and assignments. Having work autonomy and being able to handle most of the work related duties on their own is what clearly separates good employees. This characteristic is closely related to lack of self-confidence as insecure employees tend to seek help or advice from their senior colleagues more frequently.

4. Passion for work

Good employees are always passionate about their work. It’s one of the main reasons why they are happy to come to work every day and why they pay so much attention to certain details, while others just want to get things done and go home. If your job consists of the same duties over and over and day after day, you may notice that you are gradually losing the passion for your job. It is up to you to re-find it by either finding different ways of doing your daily tasks or simply by seeking other assignments that would keep your mind and body passionate about going to work.

5. Creative thinking

Depending on the type of job, creativity may mean different things in different industries or job roles. However, creative employees will often times be the leading force that tries out new technologies, finds better ways of doing certain things or simply inspires everyone else around them.

6. Positive vibes

In order to maintain your company’s work culture and keep the positive spirit, your team members need to have a positive attitude when it comes to work, internal worker relations and anything else going on in the office. In order to maintain a decent level of satisfaction among your employees and keep the productive working atmosphere, you definitely need those beacons of positive thought and emotion present around the office at all times.

7. Ambition and willingness to learn

Ambitious employees will do their best at everything they do. Such employees are usually willing to learn, adjust and excel at things they do. They want themselves to succeed and they want your company to succeed. Ambitious employees are often times great leaders and may end up being promoted faster than the others.

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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