Tips for Team Building

In order to improve communication and trust among team members, companies started experimenting with various team building ideas and techniques long time ago. Since there is no single recipe on how to produce a better and more productive working environment, we’ll present you with a mix of team building tips that will help you achieve those goals along with some truisms related to team building itself.

Team building improves communication in your team. There is always room for the improvement of the communication within your company. Whether we are talking about communication between two employees or between employees and management, various team building techniques can improve mutual relationships and communication.

Team building cuts down the gap between employees and management. Through these team building games and practices, managers get an opportunity to socialize with their employees and present themselves as being one of them. This approach minimizes the gap between the company management and employees. Furthermore, this process makes employees more relaxed in the presence of their managers and enables a better flow of ideas and arguments within the company.

Employee motivation rises. By increasing trust in your employees and showing them that it’s not everything and always about the work, employees get better motivated to perform their tasks when the time comes. Taking them somewhere outdoors or allowing them to have some fun within the company’s premises improves the working spirit and working environment in your company.

Boosting of tolerance and self-criticism. Improved relations among your team members boosts tolerance within the team itself and cuts down on tension between employees. Minimizing stress in your team improves your company’s working surrounding and prevents all kinds of conflicting situations which are inevitable in larger teams.

Helps managers discover desirable characteristics. Sometimes employees are engaged in their monotonous daily work routines thus not being able to exhibit certain skills and competencies for other types of work. Nice socializing through games and practices may help them relax and show their true face, the more creative one.

Team building helps self-initiative and self-assurance. Certain team building tips and techniques can help improve employees’ self-assurance as well as their self-initiative through various work activities, especially if we are talking about newbies. Great leaders are not great just because of their personal skills, but because the team behind them is great as well. Hence, good leaders should always nurture self-initiative within the team and help their team members boost their confidence.

Helps development of problem-solving skills. In almost any industry niche, the time sometimes comes when problems need to be fixed urgently. This is exactly the type of a situation where good team work can overcome anything. A well organized and synchronized team can re-group quickly, re-assign duties and start working instantly on resolving certain issues. On the other hand, this is a situation where bad team organization and spirit can break up and collapse.

Promotes creative thinking. Letting your employees socialize and think outside the box promotes creative thinking in their working place as well. Even though you may be an amazing entrepreneur with excellent ideas and organization, ten heads can always come up with better ideas than just one.

Builds trust. Besides working together, having some fun and entertaining time together helps boost trust between you as the owner or manager and your team members. The increase of trust improves the working environment and intensifies efforts towards accomplishing any task. Remember, with a happy and well oiled team behind you – you are sure to achieve your business goals.

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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