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Training Restaurant Part-time Employees

Staff Training

Properly trained employees are key for maintaining a successful restaurant. After all, employees are the ones who will perform the tasks that are necessary to run the restaurant. So, each employee must know his or her role, and how to do everything that is required for the job. This is true for both full-time, and part-time employees.

Here are some great staff training tips for part-time employees.

1. Pre-shift training

Oftentimes, there is a ten or twenty-minute period before a shift begins when workers are at the restaurant, but they are not working yet. This is a perfect time to show your new part-time employees the ropes. Whether the new employee is a busboy, server, or bartender, pre-shift training is a great way to get some training done without monopolizing a lot of your time.

2. Shadowing

Having your new employees shadow a senior employee is another great employee training tip that you can apply to your new hires. Shadowing allows your new part-time employee to follow the experienced employee around for a shift to simply watch and learn from what he or she does. The new employee can learn everything from how to use the POS system, to how to carry a tray with many drinks on it without dropping it. This is an extremely useful staff training technique.

3. Get Feedback from Them

When your new hires are first starting out, they may have a question or two about some aspect of the role. If you do not take the time to check in with them and ask them how things are going, then they may not ask you the question. However, if you do get feedback from them, then you may be able to easily resolve the issue, and help your new employee to thrive more at his or her job.

4. Give Them Encouragement

When a new employee is beginning his or her first few days on the job, he or she may make a lot of mistakes, and might feel insecure about his or her new role. This is a great time to give them compliments and encouragement. They are probably nervous about how they are doing, and you should show that you appreciate them, and that you value them working for you. You can do this by giving them a post-shift meal, as well as words of encouragement.

Employee training can sometimes be frustrating. After all, it can take a bit of time, mistakes are often made, and it can be a slight inconvenience for you and your staff. However, it is necessary to run a highly great restaurant. So, when you are training your employees, or are trying to think of new training methods for your part-time staff, keep these tips in mind. They can help!

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