Using Facebook for Connecting with Customers

Using Facebook for business can be extremely helpful when it comes to connecting with customers, and keeping them interested in your company. This is especially true considering that Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, with 1.15 billion monthly active users.

Here are some great ways to use Facebook to connect with your customers.

1. Videos

Posting videos on your company’s Facebook is an exciting way to share content with your customers. These videos can be anything from a high ranking officer at your company discussing a new product or policy, to a behind the scenes look at your company’s headquarters.

You can even do interviews with customers and ask them questions about your company, or how they like your company’s products, etc. There are many, many different types of videos you can make and post on your company’s Facebook page, and doing so can be very entertaining for your audience. Using social media for business in this way can keep people returning to your page time and time again.

2. Offer giveaways and discounts

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Offering giveaways and discounts on your Facebook page is a fantastic way to drum up enthusiasm from your customers. If your customers think that there is a good chance that they will get something for free by visiting your company’s Facebook page, then they will definitely be more inclined to visit it.

You don’t have to do this everyday. Even if you can do it every once in a while, it can still be a very useful technique for creating excitement.

3. Facebook retargeting

Facebook retargeting is a marketing strategy that allows your company to display advertisements on Facebook to people who have been to your company website already. It is a very clever way to use social media for business.

Using this technique, you can appeal directly to people who have already demonstrated an interest in your company, or your company’s products. People who have already been to your website are an ideal group of people to market to because they are already aware of your brand. This means that marketing to them can be much more effective than marketing to random people. Facebook retargeting allows you to do this.

Using Facebook for business purposes can be extremely beneficial to your company. If you use these strategies to connect with your audience, then you can start getting the most out of social media for your business.

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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