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The Employee Work Schedule in a Dog Eat Dog World!

PetQuarter Inc is the largest veterinary clinic in Northern Virginia. At 18 employees and seven volunteers, it’s not enormous. An average weekend will see no less than 60 animals, – cats, dogs and a few others – hurried through. With the areas only 24-hour emergency service, two employees are on hand all day, every day.

There’s also an agricultural and equine service that keeps two full-time veterinarians on the road, sometimes in partnership and sometimes on their own.

The employee work schedule has been drawn up by office manager, Samantha Essex, since the company opened its doors 14 years ago.

According to Samantha, “We used to be one doctor and two assistants who worked basically from 11 until 7 or 8 PM for five, and sometimes six days, every week. That was easy enough, but people like their vet and they like the way we handle the office and keep their pets calm and separate when they come in.

“So pretty soon we’ve got people coming back and recommending us and what used to be five or six scheduled surgeries has turned into 20 – 25 scheduled treatments and five emergencies and a bunch of walk-ins for lesser issues or advice. We’ve got two people shampooing and cutting hair and three on Saturdays, plus a driver. And about half of our people are part time, and would like to work more but they’re not all on the same schedule.”

The employee work schedule got to be way more than could be posted on the wall every week. It changed or people couldn’t make it and other people wanted to fill in.

In Samantha’s words, “Of course, I’m the office manager. I do everything in Excel! We did it that way for a long time. We printed out a sort of a calendar with everyone’s name and if people wanted to change it, I might eventually get mad, but it went pretty well. Really, that was before everyone had their smart phone. And before we started doing the farms and the horses. It made sense, and things weren’t as complicated and we weren’t as busy.”

The Employee Work Schedule that Works!

“With everybody connected on their smart phones, we’ve got better people working. They use their iPhones to see if they need to come in here or make a house call. They can all work on weekends and better stagger their days off during the week when we’re a lot slower. The NimbleSchedule system lets them know when they got to be here and they can set up their own changes all they want.

“The doctors are happy cause they can see the money is their and their schedules are the way they want them. If they need volunteers, we send a message out to a bunch of people who love to come and help out and the essential staff is there to support them too.”

Samantha’s scheduling work comes down to this:

  • Easier filling of every schedule through one internet based interface.
  • Auto-messaging by text an email to every employee who wants to know.
  • Auto confirmation and change requests, via smartphone or internet.

NimbleSchedule makes it possible to schedule more people, easier, and to more flexibly schedule better people. It’s the employee staff scheduling app for companies that want to grow and that grows right along with the enterprise.

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