Work Life Balance Takes Precedence Over Even Money

Work Life Balance is increasingly important to every employee

8 simple tips every employer can use to further work life balance – and Job Satisfaction – for every employee

The next generation of workers is willing to give up even substantial increases in pay for more flexibility and “balance” in their professional lives.

If they feel appreciated, if they’re part of a team that sticks together and enjoy even a little more flexibility over their hours and place of work then they’re likely to stay.  Previous generations – who you may very well also be employing – wanted development opportunities. And opportunities for advancement, security, certainty and a level playing field – all admirable goals for the work place.

But Generation Y and millennial workers will even accept less money – lower pay – in exchange for more control over how when and where they’re going to be.

Retaining the talent your company needs – today more than ever before – means changing your work more into a thing and less into a place.

These are eight strategies to bring up at your next HR retention meeting. Everyone of them will keep those younger and more restless employees happy, but they also work with older generations too. By 2020, you’ll be looking at 50% of your workforce being made up entirely of Generation y, so there’s no time to lose.

1. Make your Policies Clear

Policies on flextime, telecommuting and performance need to be clear and known far and wide.

2. Reward Performance

There’s no saying that every employee needs to start out as the free bird. Build increasing freedom into your policies and let the best people reap the rewards.

3. Infrastructure

If they need networks, the time is now to get them out the office. This can be the greatest expense for companies moving into the cloud, so now is the time to start planning for secure and always available cloud-based infrastructure.

4. Choice

Employees like to be able to say no. No guilt, and no worries make even die-hard desk jockies into true believers. Give them the chance.

5. Respect

Make sure employees know that you respect the decisions they make, and give them more choices where ever possible.

6. Communications

Balanced workplaces need to put more effort into that internal newsletter or blog. It’s not just about the bottom line. It’s also about people, and people’s lives, accomplishments and communities.

7. Get Personal

With all of the above in mind – your new workplace has room for a little breathing, a little more fun and some messy personal lives. Of course, employees still need privacy and respect, but there’s a lot to be said for personal achievement, and kids’ achievements and your local schools, softball teams and scouts.

8. Test, Review and Modify

As your infrastructure learns to grow and change and improve, it’s not going to grow more rigid.  There’s no reason you should let it. Take the time to learn to read the new numbers as they are coming in. You’ll see performance increases, but you’ll be identifying problem areas too. Change and improve.

That process will never cease, and there’s no reason it should. You’ll find that achieving balance is not only the most cost effective goal for your employees but for your entire organization too!

Dan Ilic

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Dan Ilic

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