Workforce Management Optimization for the New Year

Workforce Management Optimization Better than another White-Wash

On the one hand you’re always dressing up your organization, putting a smiley face on the daily grind. Most likely you’re also tweaking efficiency to get more for less with the same resources – and doing so in an environment where your competitors always have more more more.

More resources, more at their disposal and more to lose – and without any suffering.

Smaller and mid-sized companies are always trying to get more, too. More to sell, more to brag about or more to turn to gold. It’s funny then that the team you’ve assembled is often the last thing you think of when it comes to optimizing your workplace.

The fact is, your workforce may be one of the most valuable assets your company possesses. And optimizing them is one of the last things managers think of.

Some of the clients we talk to have optimized their payroll. They work with an efficient outside payroll accounting agency. Many of them have the same company doing all of their books. All – or nearly all – of their overhead is managed by a similar firm, and often one team member is devoted just to keeping an eye on all of these outside partners. Reducing costs is the overall aim, but you’ve got that nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something.

So why is your workforce off the hook. They’re not just going to stand around while everything in your workplace is optimized and tweaked and tuned to optimal operating efficiency. Automating manual processes for tracking employee time and workday attendance cuts way down on all of the time, hassle and expense associated with punchcard time-clocks. (You’d be surprised how many of them we still see.)

Let’s suggest that giving your work teams or staff a bit more control over their work schedules – and ultimately over their lives – is something that would give you more control over your business.

Optimizing people actually means treating them more like, well, people!

Suppose your most productive employees were rewarded by giving them the chance to only show up for their most productive hours. And that doing this actually gave you everything you had before, but now with a more productive – and more devoted employee. Wow. The rules are yours to establish, and the benefits can be tweaked, upgraded and scaled to your business – almost without end.

Workforce Management Optimization – The Easy Way!

NimbleSchedule is one of the easiest workforce management systems to roll out – it’s all cloud based, fast and accessible from anywhere. Remember – any manual process that you can automate and make simpler should reduce costs – in theory. There are usually expensive roll out processes, prone to errors and crashes – and there’s a learning curve during which you can be losing all kinds of money, or business or opportunities.

NimbleSchedule is designed to roll-out instantly and provide big benefits with a very, very short learning curve.

The benefits to your workforce are instant – and they’ll know it from day one.

NimbleSchedule allows you to instantly

  • Optimize work schedules
  • Reward star performers
  • Introduce flex-time or just slightly more flexible scheduling
  • Automate complex and confusing schedules
  • Regulate hours worked
  • Establish and enforce rules
  • Verify attendance
  • Analyze performance based on your own indicators

Optimizing your workforce just may turn out to be one of the easiest things you do this year. But the increases in performance and productivity can be outstanding. The benefits you reap can be measured in loyalty, output, and increased attention to the jobs their doing.

You might even be surprised how many really good employees you can hold onto just by offering them more control over their working hours and schedules.

And there’s no way we can white wash that!

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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