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Payroll Best Practices for Small Businesses

Payroll is an important feature of any business that is not a sole proprietorship. This is because it is payroll that makes sure that employees are all getting paid the amounts that are owed to them. If a company’s payroll system is inefficient, then it can cause errors to be made, time to be wasted, […]

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How Can Retailers Better Understand Their Customers

Understanding customers is crucial for optimizing retail success. This is because the better that retailers understand their customers, the better that they can cater to the needs of these customers. It is difficult for a retailer to solve a customer issue if it doesn’t know what this issue is. Here are some of the top […]

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How to Optimize Your Retail Pricing Strategy

Pricing is extremely important in retail. This is because prices too high can drive away customers and prices too low can reduce your profit margins too much. So, the goal is to find a retail price that will let you sell a lot of goods without being high enough to drive away customers. Here are […]

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The Problem of Employee Tardiness and Absenteeism and Solutions

Tardiness is a major problem that costs national economies a lot of money every single year. For example, tardiness costs the U.K. roughly 9 billion pounds ($12.15 billion) annually. The reason why tardiness is such an issue is because it prevents people from being able to be fully productive during their scheduled work hours. Tardiness […]

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Small Business and Charity

Even though small businesses do not necessarily have the cash reserves that larger corporations have, they can still give to charity in many cases. In fact, up to 42 % of small businesses give at least $1,000 in charity. Even small contributions can go a long way for charities. For example, $1,000 could be used […]

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How to Increase your SaaS Product Sales

The SaaS industry is growing. In fact, by 2018, this industry will be worth roughly $50.8 billion worldwide. However, despite the fact that the industry is growing, this doesn’t mean that it is easy for SaaS companies to get ahead of their competition. In fact, companies that fail to optimize their sales tactics can quickly […]

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Work Romances

Work romances are a thing that many companies have to try to deal with. This is because no matter how hard companies may try to forbid them, when people like each other, they will attempt to be together in many cases. However, although workplace relationships can sometimes be a challenge both for the company and […]

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The concept of Co-Retailing

Co-retailing is the practice of two or more retailers sharing one space and each selling their products within the space. This concept has been in use for decades now for retailers such as Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. There are many benefits of co-retailing. Here is a look at some of these benefits, and at […]

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4 Tips for Tackling Workplace Conflicts

Workplace conflict can be very disruptive. Not only can it cause a business to function less effectively, but it can also create a lot of tension and drama between employees. So, it is better to be able to resolve workplace conflict before it gets out of control and causes larger problems. Here are some great […]

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How to Build a Great Internship Program

A great internship program can be highly beneficial for interns and for the company alike. This is because good interns can do a lot of great work for a company, and working for a company can be great for an intern’s resume. However, if an internship program isn’t run correctly, then it is not likely […]

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