Nimble Software Systems, Inc. Introduces New Pricing

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Nimble Software Systems, Inc. Introduces New Pricing


Carlsbad, CA:  Nimble Software Systems, Inc. announced today a new pricing methodology for its NimbleSchedule suite of cloud based staff optimization applications. The revamped pricing model is focused on two key elements: simplicity and transparency for the users of its staff Scheduling and Time Tracking tools.

“After a careful consideration, we decided to migrate from the level-based pricing to a simpler and more flexible pricing model: per-employee/per-service” said Sasha Poljak, the CEO of Nimble Software Systems, Inc. “The new pricing structure allows businesses to pay only for the active users of the system and the integration level they require.”

New Pricing Methodology

“Under the new pricing, we will introduce two user models for this structure called Standard and Enterprise” said Peter Swaniker, the Company’s founder and CTO. “The change ensures that companies having extra needs for third party integrations get dedicated attention from our tech support team as well as an opportunity to integrate with a list of world-class third party apps.” added Mr. Swaniker.

“The new pricing model results in savings with subscribers of both Scheduling and Time Tracking products, while ensuring that our existing clients continue with the price plan of their choice.” said Brian Faunce, the Product Manager at Nimble Software Systems, Inc.

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Nimble Software Systems, Inc. is a fast growing SaaS company focused on providing online scheduling solutions that help streamline and automate workforce management operations. For more details, please visit

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