Ximble Achievements 2018

It Was a Very Good Year

What a year! We’ve barely stopped, but now it’s time to look back over what’s changed in 2018. It was an exciting year for Ximble, with many new colleagues, new customers, and a whole host of exciting additions to our platform. Let us take you through them, one by one:


At Ximble, we never stop thinking about ways to make time tracking more reliable. For as long as there have been machines to measure how long employees have worked, there have been ways to take advantage. The classic example is “buddy punching”, where you punch your friend’s time card, to make it seem like he’s at work. Sometimes, modern technology doesn’t fare much better. This year, though, we managed to make this a thing of the past, thanks to facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition is, in its own way, rather simple. Indeed, we use it all the time – how do you recognize anybody if not by their face? So, all we needed to do was take that logic, and apply to our system: and we did! Now, all your company has to do is set-up an in-office kiosk, and staff can clock in and out each day with the oldest identification technology there is: the face!

Now your timesheet data is more reliable than ever. You know that nobody else can clock in claiming to be someone else, and your staff no longer need to worry about remembering a password or bringing a QR code. All they need is a smile.

We Barely Recognize You!

While we’ve grown better at recognizing you, you may well have trouble recognizing us! This year we worked on redesigning our timesheet page, to be sleeker, more versatile, and, in a word, better. When editing timesheets, it used to be hassle to make changes: you would have to open each individual employee’s timesheet.

No longer! Now you can edit straight from the overview page, saving you time.

You can also save screen space by hiding certain employee details, so you see more of what matters to you at that moment. All in all, we hope you now have a simpler, more effective, timesheet experience.

Working Overtime For You

Whatever Dolly Parton says, work is rarely 9 to 5. We help companies whose employees work in different parts of the world, at all times of day, with different lengths of shifts. It can be hard to keep track of it all but, of course, that’s where we come in.

Often, the trickiest part of equation is overtime. This year, Ximble has dramatically improved its capacities to calculate overtime, no matter how complicated. Now, you can configure various different overtime rules for different employees, all included in one payroll report. This can make the difference between chaos and compliance for companies who operate in multiple jurisdictions with different overtime laws.

Best of all, we can now calculate “weighted average overtime”. Sound complicated? Well, it is. But it matters! If an employee works various roles which earn different pay rates, it can be tricky to figure out how much overtime they should earn. Rather than simply calculate based on the most recent hours, we use the weighted average of all hours worked. This method is the gold standard, much fairer, and is actually increasingly enforced by law.

Oh, and we’ve been working overtime to improve even further. Watch this space!

New Friends

One of the most important ways we’ve improved the Ximble experience for users is by adding yet more integrations with other platforms. It’s now possible to use Ximble within the Zendesk platform, utilizing employee time data for smarter support. We have also established an integration with ADP Workforce Now, providing timesheet data for one of America’s most prestigious HR and Payroll companies.

We also love integrations that make life easier for employees. Our partnerships with Slack, Skype, and Facebook do exactly that. We offer the simplicity of using platforms that employees love, and allow a streamlined workplace, creating more efficient businesses.

That’s Not All!

Over the course of 2018 we’ve made too many updates to mention. We love listening to user feedback, and working to make our system better. There are a few more things worth of mention, however.

Firstly, you can now automate timesheet approvals. If you trust your timesheet data, and don’t feel the need to read through individual timesheets, you can choose to automatically approve all shifts that fall within certain boundaries (for instance, shifts that are between 8 and 12 hours). Sorted, you just saved yourself time!

We also hope you like our shift distance calculator. Now you can use geo-location data for work places and where employees are based. When you know how far different employees have to travel, you can make smarter scheduling decisions.

This year, Ximble also debuted our shift acknowledgement feature. If enabled, employees are required to acknowledge their new shifts, so that managers can be assured that their employees know where to be, and when.

Finally, our job summary report feature allows managers to dig deeper into their business. With instant visualizing of the time employees spend on individual activities within the work day, you can keep track not only of how long staff are working, but how they are spending their time!

Last But Not Least!

We’re pleased to say that our hard work hasn’t gone unrecognized this year. We’ve been honored to receive many awards from organizations we truly respect, and know this is down to the hard work and dedication of everyone in our team.

We were announced as a GetApp category leader for Employee Scheduling Software. Ximble was also among the finalists for best SaaS product for small businesses at the 2018 SaaS Awards. We were further delighted to be one of HR Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Providers for 2018. Meanwhile, Software World naming us among the Top 10 for Best Time Tracking and Best Attendance Tracking Software in 2018 was the icing on the cake. Looking forward to next year, we were announced as one of CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers for 2019.

The most special awards any company can receive are those that celebrate their own workforce, and so Comparably rewarding us both for our CEO and for the diversity of our company was a particular honor.

Till Next Year!

Overall, it’s been a fantastic year. Technology is always developing, and so is Ximble. We can’t wait to help more businesses with their employee time management. We’re more determined than ever to help make scheduling smarter and time tracking more accurate. Happy New Year from everybody at Ximble!

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David is a writer born in Scotland, but generally only found everywhere else. He loves to travel to strange places, read boring books, and learn about new workplace technologies. He believes the most important thing about writing is the "rule of three".

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