A Hip! Hop! And a Skype!

Ximble, the employee scheduling and time tracking software that assists thousands of businesses around the world in their daily operations, now has a brand new Skype integration. The Ximblechat bot has been developed to make it simpler and easier for your workforce to keep on top of their scheduling needs without ever needing to leave Skype.

Ximble - Skype Integration


Unifying the platforms employees work across enables a seamless and uncluttered workflow. Whether using Skype to interact with customers or for internal communications, the integration helps develop Skype into a comprehensive platform that maximizes the efficiency and productivity of your teams.

With effortless input, employees can clock in and out, view their schedules, log their activities, and even pick up available shifts and more, in mere seconds and all within Skype by simply typing in a basic command.

Allowing the Ximble bot to handle common and repeating requests and errands frees up employees to apply themselves to higher priority tasks that truly help your business grow.

Integrating the Ximblechat bot only takes a moment to complete and once done, all your employees need to do is log in using their Ximble credentials to start experiencing the immediate benefits.

Logging in and out of shifts at their workstation has been reduced to one simple step that ensures personnel are in the right place when they’re needed. Once clocked in, the Ximble bot provides flawless timesheet data, leading to precise payroll reports and accurate employee payments. Ximble calculates employees’ payments, overtime and paid time off automatically in its payroll reports relieving employees, admin and management of any common payroll headaches.

Creating a more intuitive and streamlined working environment for employees will result in a better user experience for everyone involved.

About the author

Matthew Hughes - Content Writer

Matthew Hughes is a British-born content writer with the mindset of a cat, he has a curiosity for the unknown, can be impulsive and can be won over with food. The best place to catch him will be in the offices of Ximble, a dynamic cloud-based workforce management system that simplifies employee scheduling, time tracking and management. He also hates Sudoku.

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