Behold! The Zendesk Integration!

Ximble’s purpose has always been to simplify and expedite the scheduling and time tracking operations of businesses. Now, with the new Zendesk integration we have been able to take another step forward in our mission to help our customers operate as seamlessly and efficiently as possible across the board.

Integration with Zendesk


For customers using both Zendesk and Ximble in your armada of business tools, the integration enables the powerful features of Ximble to be accessed and used within the Zendesk platform.

The unified experience will provide users with the immediate benefits of a consistent and comprehensive working environment that minimizes the clutter of multiple applications.

The integration allows support agents to easily clock in or out of their shift once they’re at their workstations and logged into Zendesk, providing precise timesheet data ready for payroll. Their upcoming shifts can be viewed at a click of a button and the ability to log and switch between shifts can all be carried out without ever leaving Zendesk in a quick, simple and intuitive manner. Relinquishing the need to alternate between tools for tasks enables your team to remain focused on the tasks at hand and maintain optimum performance.

Management’s abilities also maintain the same functionality as the support agents, but with additional perks to assist in their daily operations.

At a glance managers can view who is currently clocked in, what their position is, where they are and the department they work for all within Zendesk. Furthermore, it’s easy to see if they are on a break or currently working when assigning tickets, ensuring optimal operations flow.

Management can quickly create, edit and assign shifts to employees with all the relevant information they need being presented to them. Filters assist in finding employees based on their positions, location or department for speedy and effective employee management.

In conjunction with streamlining operations, the integration grants another layer of simplicity that ensures the correct skill sets are exactly where they need to be at the required times, all while providing them with everything they need to perform at their best. Once employees are present and logged in at the workplace, the accumulated data of their timesheets and logged activities provide a greater insight into employees’ working days while creating pin-point accurate payroll reports, resulting in a better experience for support agents and management alike. What’s more is that the integration is straightforward and easy to use!

To find out how, have a look at our video guide.

About the author

Matthew Hughes - Content Writer

Matthew Hughes is a British-born content writer with the mindset of a cat, he has a curiosity for the unknown, can be impulsive and can be won over with food. The best place to catch him will be in the offices of Ximble, a dynamic cloud-based workforce management system that simplifies employee scheduling, time tracking and management. He also hates Sudoku.

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