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New “Daily Coverage Map” Feature

You spoke, we listened!

In order to help our users better supervise their daily schedule, we designed a new feature called “Daily Coverage Map” that provides a daily view of the number of people assigned by the hour, per position.

For all those companies that need to ensure full time employee coverage for specific time slots during the day or 24 hours a day, this great new functionality will make supervision of such coverage so much easier for everyone.

Daily Coverage Map

1. Starting with a breakdown of hourly coverage and the number of employees per hour, this new feature enables you to have a clear vision about your schedule coverage per hour during a certain day. If you want to get more detailed info, you can navigate through a separate table for each position, with employees’ coverage clearly shown both visually and textually.

2. Next to each employee’s row you will see the total number of hours per employee. At the bottom below every table, you will see the total for all employees scheduled for a certain position for the day. The whole page follows the style of the rest of our employee schedule maker, so we are sure that the layout will be very intuitive and easy to interpret.

Our development team is working full time on making our software flexible and responsive to your employee scheduling and supervision needs so stayed tuned – things are getting better everyday!

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