Facial Recognition – the Intelligent Means of Time Tracking

Honest, secure and smart facial recognition

With Ximble Kiosk, it’s now possible for employees to clock in and out using facial recognition, making the whole clocking in and out process even easier and more secure than ever before. Ximble’s facial recognition feature provides a countdown where all the employee needs to do is look at the tablet’s screen. After three seconds, the photograph will be taken and they will be clocked in – it’s that simple! Employees just need to repeat the same process at the end of the shift to clock out.


The beauty of facial recognition is in the simplicity and ability to save time during the clocking procedure, but under the hood it holds a few more key benefits over other forms of clocking in and out procedures.

It provides a guaranteed way to prevent “buddy punching”, the act of having a co-worker clock somebody in when they’re not actually present. As a result, the scheduled staff needs to be physically at hand in order to clock in, ensuring the right staff are where they need to be at the right time. As a measure of reassurance, a photograph will be taken and stored along with the employee’s timesheet entry, available for review anytime. This prevents any falsified data entries that result in time theft and unearned payments. The process instigates employee honesty and accountability for their punctuality in the workplace.

Setting up is also a simple and straightforward process. All management needs to do is log into our time clock app, locate the employees they want to enrol in facial recognition and take three photographs of the employee and – voila! It’s done! Ximble’s algorithms can now identify the employee via facial recognition and begin tracking their work hours when the employee clocks in or out using the Ximble Kiosk.

If an employee departs from your company or if they need to start using an alternative clocking method for a change in work circumstances, it’s equally as easy to deactivate their facial recognition or remove them from the system as a whole.

With such a simple to use yet powerful feature in place, Ximble’s facial recognition instils transparency in your employees’ working habits. Producing clear and accurate timesheet data that is free from any falsifications or manipulation, whether that originates from tampering or an honest mistake. Delivering assurance in your timesheet data helps your business and administration focus on the tasks at hand.

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Matthew Hughes is a British-born content writer with the mindset of a cat, he has a curiosity for the unknown, can be impulsive and can be won over with food. The best place to catch him will be in the offices of Ximble, a dynamic cloud-based workforce management system that simplifies employee scheduling, time tracking and management. He also hates Sudoku.

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