Minimum Clutter, Maximum Results With the New Slack Integration

Streamline operational clutter by unifying platforms for maximum productivity

Granting access and performing daily tasks has never been easier for employees – the easy-to-use integration provides a natural and intuitive way to work, all within a chat box!


Slack has been designed to improve workplace communications through instant messaging and a host of apps, services and resources to help support businesses realize their goals. For many, it has become an integral tool in their daily tasks.

That’s why Ximble has developed and released a new Slack integration that is able to unify the functionality of both the Slack and Ximble platforms to further streamline working processes. Through the integration, it becomes possible to carry out common employee scheduling and time tracking tasks all within Slack.

The reduction of platforms used within the workplace creates a simpler and more convenient method of working. Using Ximble’s Slackbot, it becomes possible to carry out daily tasks through simple commands within a chat window to maximize the efficiency of your team.

Once integrated, employees become capable of clocking in and out, viewing schedules, logging their activities and picking up available shifts and more through the tap of a button.

Handling common and repeating tasks is simple for the Slackbot. Instant access to scheduling information is available whether employees are at work or at home, allowing for a better work/life balance. All employees need to do is log in using their Ximble credentials once the Slackbot has been integrated.

Clocking in and out of shifts has been reduced to one simple step, ensuring the right people are in the right place when you need them. Once clocked in, the Slackbot provides flawless timesheet data, which allows Ximble to deliver in-depth payroll reports and accurate employee payments. Calculating employees’ payments, overtime and paid time off is completed automatically in Ximble’s payroll reports, removing your common payroll difficulties.

The new intuitive and streamlined working environment will deliver a better user experience to employees that spans across departments and locations while being equally functional as it is convenient.

About the author

Matthew Hughes - Content Writer

Matthew Hughes is a British-born content writer with the mindset of a cat, he has a curiosity for the unknown, can be impulsive and can be won over with food. The best place to catch him will be in the offices of Ximble, a dynamic cloud-based workforce management system that simplifies employee scheduling, time tracking and management. He also hates Sudoku.

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