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New “Customized Breaks” Feature

The latest release of our business scheduling software brought numerous patches, updates and feature enhancements.

One of the most exciting ones is a new Breaks System. It was designed to improve the customization level that can be made for each shift, ensuring much more flexibility for employee schedule management.

In order to make the process of transition from the old Break Rules system to the new custom one smooth, we decided to keep both features fully functional.

1. This practically means that you can choose any of these two options and use them as you need them. For example, if you need to create a simple break that applies to all your employee shifts at once, you can continue using our Break Rules.

2. On the other hand, if you need more flexibility with breaks of different length or with the ones starting at different times for each member of your team, then you’ll simply love our new custom break system.

This enhancement now allows you to create up to two unpaid custom breaks while creating the shift directly in the shift creation popup.

Customized Breaks System - Initial Screen

As you can see from the screenshot above, the procedure is very simple and intuitive. When you define the shift start time, end time, position and employee (if needed), you can also choose to add one or two unpaid breaks for that specific shift. It’s that simple!

Customized Breaks System

No more hassle with organizing your employees’ breaks in order to maintain the shift coverage. You can now simply define those custom breaks on the schedule and use your free time leftover for other duties. Your employees will be able to see those breaks on their schedule and will know exactly when their break starts and ends.


If you wish to use any of our built-in functionalities, like the template system or “Copy To Next Week” feature, or any of our repeating patterns, you don’t need to worry about breaks either. Whichever action you perform on the break (save it as a template, copy it to next week, etc.), the break will be saved or copied along.

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