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In the era of rapidly-developing technology, apps, gadgets and widgets have become a necessity in every day work life in order for one to stay ahead of the game. Companies use various apps and tools to increase their employees’ productivity, save time and money and stay competitive. Employees, on the other hand, seem to gladly accept new technologies which make their work life easier and more productive. From online employee scheduling tools and HR management systems to various staff management software tools, there are many different cloud and mobile apps that can help on that road.

With the above-mentioned in mind, here’s how NimbleSchedule can effectively save time, reduce absenteeism and improve communication among managers and employees.

Repetitive employee scheduling

Staff management can be quite a challenge most of the time, especially when managing a large group of employees. In such situations, managers often time appreciate any help they can get in order to speed up the process of scheduling and avoid any sort of scheduling overlaps or errors that can be quite costly.

If your team operates on a more or less repetitive schedule basis week to week, then NimbleSchedule can help immensely with your staff scheduling procedures. With many different options and tools that allow you to repeat your workforce schedule week by week, or save the existing weeks of a schedule, which can be rotated afterwards, NimbleSchedule can help you save an average of 10 – 15 hours per week. Regardless of if you decide to use our Repeating patterns, Schedule Templates or Copy To Next Week functionalities, you’ll get your staff schedule done within a matter of minutes.

Shift conflict prevention

With our automated schedule maker, you’ll dramatically minimize rostering errors and prevent any sort of conflicts. NimbleSchedule doesn’t allow double booking of employees when managing complicated scheduling needs across multiple locations. The system will warn the person creating the schedule that an employee is not available when the scheduler tries to add a new shift that overlaps with the existing one. Furthermore, if your employee took a part of the day off, or a couple of days off during a certain period of time, such employee will be clearly highlighted on the schedule thus preventing anyone from scheduling that person by mistake.

Labor scheduling self-service

If needed, NimbleSchedule can allow employees to trade their shifts, drop their shifts or even find replacements for their shifts. There’s absolutely no need for a manager or a scheduler to waste hours of her or his time trying to fill the uncovered shifts. If configured in a proper way, NimbleSchedule can handle semi-automated shift replacements and trades, with the final approval coming from the manager at the end of the process.

Accurate time tracking

NimbleSchedule’s time clock app allows companies to accurately track their workforce hours no matter how complex the requirements might be. For example, you can easily track the working hours of employees that have different pay rates, that work across different locations or need to clock in/out for their shift from remote locations, i.e. outside their office. When those traditional time clock posts fail to serve the purpose, the cloud-based technology has a lot to offer as it allows employees to clock in by using their smart phone.

Additionally, with NimbleSchedule, your employees can clock in by sending a text message, calling in, using QR Code cards or fingerprint scanners. For a full list of available time tracking options, you can check out our “The Place Where Accuracy and Flexibility Meet” article.

Staff communication simplified

Broadcasting a message to the whole team seems like a fairly simple task – you add all the team members to the email receiver field, or to the SMS receiver and that’s it. But when they all start responding with different questions or issues, that’s where the process starts creating havoc. So one might conclude that keeping an entire team informed and empowered at all times can be quite a challenge.

With NimbleSchedule, you can easily communicate with a large group of employees by broadcasting announcements or messages to all employees working in a specific location or a couple of locations, to all employees working in a certain department or a certain position. Of course, you can always custom select any employees from the list and initiate a group conversation with them. By allowing them to respond to the message thread, the manager can easily communicate with larger teams and effectively manage the team communication even without the whole team being present in the same room.

These are just some of the manifold benefits of using our work schedule maker. There are certainly many more that we will cover in the articles to come. So stay tuned and stay Nimble!

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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