Payroll Partner Integrations

Apart from utilizing our simple and easy to use payroll reporting system, you can optionally decide to use some external payroll provider along with our system. If you already have a payroll provider or you plan on using one, you can easily choose one of the providers that integrate with our system. By using these online payroll systems, you can minimize the time needed for data input and have everything synced within seconds.


Our development team designed an API integration with ZenPayroll that works flawlessly. Connecting both systems requires two steps at the beginning, but once you have everything configured properly, you can run a payroll report on our end and export it to ZenPayroll with one click of a button. There is no need to spend hours on your employee payroll completion when everything can be done within seconds. If you are new to NimbleSchedule, then simply click on the “My Account” link in the top right corner of the panel, then click on “Applications” on that page and select the “ZenPayroll” icon. The system will take you to ZenPayroll to login and confirm this synchronization. Once you have done that, the list of all available employees from ZenPayroll will appear in your integration part of the panel with NimbleSchedule and you can link your employee profiles on both ends. Later on, while running a payroll report in NimbleSchedule, you can simply choose “Export to Zenpayroll”. It’s that easy.

QuickBooks Online

In case you use for your payroll needs one of the most popular account software in the world, QuickBooks Online, then the great news is that you can easily export the time clock data from NimbleSchedule into Quickbooks Online. All you need to do is to connect your NimbleSchedule account with your Quickbooks Online account by navigating to the My Account section and then to the “Applications” page and from there simply slick on the “Connect” icon next to the QuickBooks logo. Once you have everything synchronized, you can easily export your employee time clock records from the Timesheet page.


ADP is another big name in the payroll industry for which we developed a certain level of integration. Unlike with the ones previously mentioned, our integration with the ADP system allows you to run a payroll export and simply export it to a file adjusted for import into ADP. Hence, if you’d like to use this payroll provider, you can easily configure your NimbleSchedule account for such a task. Simply navigate to the Settings section and select the “Payroll Settings” option there. Instead of a CSV format, please select ADP and once you save all the necessary parameters, save the page. From that moment, each time you run a payroll report, you’ll notice a big button in the top right cover above the payroll report table with the label “Export to ADP”. Once you click on it, you’ll be prompted to save the file on your computer, which you can easily import into ADP at any point later on. If needed, you can also open a file in your Excel or Excel compatible software and edit certain lines.

On top of these providers we mentioned above, there are others that integrate with our system from their own end. Due to a highly efficient and stable API system that our engineers and developers designed and implemented, other systems are able to develop a payroll integration with our API protocols.


SimplePay is a modern Canadian payroll provider that handles all aspects of payroll preparation, compliance, e-filing and automated direct deposits. From their end, there is a payroll integration developed that allows you to easily integrate with NimbleSchedule and have your data imported into SimplePay’s system with just a couple of clicks.


TRAXPayroll is another amazing cloud payroll provider that’s been in business for over 17-18 years. Their system allows you to securely manage your payroll 24 hours a day from any computer, smart phone or tablet, with the Internet access. TRAXPayroll’s development team made an effort to integrate with our API system and designed an easy to use process with a couple of easy steps to complete in order to have the data sync between our two systems.

Karin Jakovljevic

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