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Employee time clock app like NimbleSchedule is the right tool to have if you want to organize your staff members efficiently and cut down expenses significantly. Tracking the productivity of your employees through various reports in NimbleSchedule is a piece of cake, and knowing the exact time when your employees started and ended working can save your company quite a decent amount of money.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles (A Survey on Mobile Scheduling), shift scheduling software like NimbleSchedule can secure the right number of employees doing their job on a daily basis for your company, as well as cut down on no-show cases by enabling your employees to know their shifts and schedule at any time of the day or night.

In this article, we will focus on some handy tips and tricks you might find useful when using NimbleSchedule on a daily basis.

1) Changing the start day of the week

Various companies have various scheduling rules and ways of handling their employee’ schedules. One of the frequent questions coming from our customers is how to change the start day of the weekly schedule in order to accommodate the previous habits your employees or schedulers had.

Employee Scheduling - Change the Start Day of the Week
By navigating to the Settings section and the “Schedules” sub-option, you should be able to find the “Day of the week to begin schedule” option on top of that page. By adjusting that drop down menu to a proper day, and saving the setting, your weekly schedule will be adjusted to start with any day you selected.

2) Limiting employee clock in locations to authorized locations only

Although most companies probably want to allow employees to check their schedule from home and exchange messages, or do other stuff through the system, restricting your employees from clocking in from home or other places is actually something that companies usually want to implement. This is where the “Clock Locations” option in NimbleSchedule comes very handy.

Employee Scheduling - Authorized Clock Locations
By using this option, you can easily restrict your employees to be able to clock in and out only from your office computers. By specifying your network IP range (or even a fixed IP address), you can manage authorized time clock locations for your employees in quite an easy manner.

Prior to setting these clock locations in the system, make sure you have enabled the “Only allow employees to clock-in from authorized locations” option on the “Time Clocking” page under the “Settings” section.

3) Scheduling 20 employees for the same time and for the full month under 20 seconds

With more work and less time for the scheduling process, managers quite frequently struggle to complete their scheduling assignments on time. Even when the schedule is quite simple, and it repeats more or less, it still takes time for schedulers and managers to write everything down and assign everyone with a proper shift.

Through NimbleSchedule, this process is as simple as ABC, and you can finish scheduling tasks in under 20 seconds.

Shift Scheduling - Advanced Create Shifts Options
By opening the “Create Shifts” dialog above the schedule, you will gain access to one of our powerful scheduling tools. The first thing you need to do is to select a proper position as well as the start and end time of the shift. Then, you select the days of the week when that shift needs to occur, in this case Monday through Friday. After that, you select the “Repeat” option and, for the sake of this tutorial, we chose to repeat this schedule for the whole month of April, 2015. The last step is to select employees on the right you wish to assign with this set of shifts. We selected 20 employees there.

Once you complete this couple of easy steps, you are ready to hit either the “Save” or “Publish” button. By following this procedure, we just created 400 shifts in less than 20 seconds. What a time saver!

4) Quickly finding scheduled or not scheduled employees, by department or position

We, at NimbleSchedule, realize how time-consuming the scheduling process can be without proper tools and filters for a better team overview. This is why we invested a lot of thoughts and work in developing various filters with which you can see a clear overview of your specific departments and positions and spot in seconds who was left behind unscheduled or who are the ones that are scheduled for the week.

Shift Scheduling - Advanced Schedule Filters
By selecting the proper position or department in the drop down menus above the schedule, you can see all your employees that belong to the selected parameter. Additionally, by combining those fields, with the “Filter” menu options above the schedule on the left, you can see only scheduled or only unscheduled employees from certain positions or departments in a matter of seconds.

5) Saving only one or two days as a template instead of a whole week

If you manage a large team of employees and have specific days when you wish to repeat the same schedule, reading all the shifts from one day, and then creating the exact replicate on some other date might be extremely time-consuming.

When using the template system we offer, by default, you save a week or a full month of the schedule, but how about one day or 2-3 days only?

Shift Scheduling - Saving a Schedule Template
By manually adjusting the date range on the “Save as template” dialog, you can force the system to save just one, two, or custom range of days. Applying such a template is quite easy later on since you can specify the exact date when to start applying a template.

We could continue naming all the tiny tips and tricks for the whole day, and each could save you a lot of time, especially if you use NimbleSchedule on a daily basis. But these are just some universal ones that many companies might find very helpful.

We will continue the series of similar articles in the future, presenting some of the time saver techniques of our shift scheduler. Until then, stay Nimble!

Karin Jakovljevic

About the author

Karin Jakovljevic

Karin Jakovljevic is the head of marketing at Ximble, a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and small businesses.

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