Why White Glove Service Matters

Service with Style

In Victorian England, every noble family was served by a butler, and usually many more staff besides. While maids and waiters could shuffle around in the background, the butler was always available. He would respond to any query with faultless expertise, but without seeking to show off. He would know the perfect solution to any problem, but more often than not prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.

In short, he was responsible for ensuring that the entire household ran smoothly. If anyone in the household was unhappy, the butler had failed. Typically, a butler would be dressed in full formal wear: tuxedo, waistcoat, shiny shoes.

And, most importantly, white gloves.

Ideal of a Service

White gloves represent the highest standards of service. Just a glimpse offers a sense of comfort and security. The butler, and his gloves, offer dedication, expertise, but also a sense of finesse.

To be helpful isn’t enough: one must carry it off with style.

Of course, nowadays white gloves may represent something else entirely. In a certain light, the medical gloves worn in hospitals could be mistaken for those of a butler. And perhaps that’s not entirely out of place. For these white gloves also represent essentials aspect of service: cleanliness, care, and surgical precision.

For those of a musical persuasion, white gloves may most clearly evoke images of an orchestral conductor, keeping a perfect beat, ensuring that each note is played at the right moment, according to a meticulous schedule. While we don’t mean to mimic them, we appreciate the comparison.

An orchestra, like any successful company, requires flawless timing.

What White Glove Entails

At Ximble, we don’t wear white gloves. We do, though, subscribe to the same service of philosophy held by generations of butlers. In all aspects of our business, we aim to offer all our customers the highest possible level of service. We are not merely a tech company, but rather a service company. Software-as-a-service is not merely a business model, but rather a state of mind.

We develop time tracking and scheduling solutions, but we also consider it our duty to ensure that those solutions work for you, and that your company is using them to their full capacity.

That’s why we offer all new Ximble customers our ‘White Glove service’.

How It Works

Our White Glove service is incredibly simple. We want to help make the start of your Ximble journey as smooth as possible and the simplest way for us to do that is to set everything up for you. And we really mean everything.

We can input all your employee details, including positions, departments, and workplace locations. We will select the correct settings to enable your ideal time tracking setup. And we will even recreate your schedules, exactly as you had them previously.

You can send us your current scheduling details in whatever format is easiest. It could be an excel sheet, a photo, or even an email describing how things are done at your company. Give us 24-36 hours, and your company will be up and running with Ximble.

We don’t want you to begin your Ximble experience with the headache of having to figure out the system and rushing to add shifts. Instead, you can relax knowing that your time tracking is now more accurate, your schedules are flawless, and your staff are always informed.

The Service Philosophy

Our White Glove service is most usefully deployed right at the beginning of our customers’ Ximble journey, which is usually at the beginning our free 14-day trial. We want users’ first experience of Ximble to be a great one. However, don’t expect our interest in service to stop there.

Our customer service team are always ready to help, whether you encounter a potential problem, you are unsure of how something works, or you simply want to chat. We believe that making an extra effort to satisfy our customers always pays off. If you’re happy with the system, our job is done.

We will always be happy to explain all of our features, not merely setup. And there are certainly many useful features to enhance your employee time management, like facial recognition time tracking, demand forecasting for schedule creation, and many powerful integrations.

The Rise of Service for Everybody

It’s sad, but outside of Downton Abbey, you don’t see many butlers around anymore. Not many families can afford to have a multi-talented service genius living with them full time. Even in their heyday, only the very elite could afford it.

And that’s how our white glove approach differs.

Not only do we keep our services affordable enough for companies of all sizes, but we treat everyone with the same helpful attitude. We believe that everyone deserves white glove service, and so that’s what we offer.

We are keeping the service philosophy alive in the digital age. That means understanding all users’ requirements, anticipating potential issues, and always going the extra mile for our customers.

Oh, and having white gloves.

About the author

David Hope - Copywriter

David is a writer born in Scotland, but generally only found everywhere else. He loves to travel to strange places, read boring books, and learn about new workplace technologies. He believes the most important thing about writing is the "rule of three".

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